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Not so sunny days….



The last week or so has been dictated mainly by the weather. Promised bluebird conditions have lead to whiteouts and not much has got done. One day was spent playing hangman in Cardrona base after carting all my gear up there. Thrilling stuff! 

I’m writing this on another down day with word that its raining up on the hill which is abit of a nightmare. All of my house mates have moved on now and i’ve discovered that the board game RISK isn’t too captivating by yourself. World domination, it seems, is better with your friends.


It’s not all doom and gloom though – i’ve managed to get a few things done. I found myself shooting a profile image for Volkl of Kiichiro Kazumi, one of the riders i was with a few weeks ago. I’d arranged to hook up at the top of Captains lift at Cardrona due to the surrounding mountain views being superb. On the chairlift up Kiichiro was saying how sick it was on that side, “i’ve never been to captains before”…….he’s been at Cardrona for 3 seasons and that was his first venture out of the park. Brilliant! Whilst i had him over there we sessioned a fence for 20 minutes or so. It took no time to set-up and was easy to hit a couple of times. Fences are kind of iconic in New Zealand and we spotted a couple more that we’ll hopefully get shots of before the season is out. 

Kiichiro at Cardrona

I made it over to Ohau, a club field 2 hours from Wanaka and had a wicked day. I’ve always said that Asahidake over in Hokkaido is my favourite resort, though with only one lift going every 20minutes and constant unstrapping required, it’s anything but a resort. Ohau is much the same; just a 2 man chairlift and not much else. What fun though, wicked hiiking, one of the best views i’ve ever seen and a road up that makes the roads to Cardrona and Snow Park look like great feats of design and engineering. I’d love to go there with fresh snow. I’m sure it would be up there with some amazing freeriding potential.

Top: Tall Paul shredding at Ohau

Below: View from drive down

For the sake of escaping the weekend crowds we headed over to Milford Sound at the weekends to check out some more New Zealand “must sees”. Yup, all good, all done. Next!

One of the many waterfalls at Milford Sound


Sunny Days



Finally, we’ve had some blue skies! This week has been a lot of fun as the storms have cleared leaving us with a couple of blue bird powder days. I’ve spent my week up at Cardrona working with 3 Japanese riders; Daisuke Hosono, Kiichiro Kazumi and Nobuo Otake. These guys are pure work horses. They strive to get their stuff down and make it super easy for me to work with them. Loads of fun was had. 

I’ve taken some time off from the hill and  went on a little road trip the last two days to check out some of the south island. Lots to see, not so much to do!