Want to get in contact with me?

Without a doubt the easiest way is by the internet. You can email me directly at:

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I’m also on Twitter. You can follow me at

I’m always available to answer any questions regarding any of my images. All of my images are available for purchase on high quality paper, just email to discuss your options.

All Material on this blog is ©Tim Lloyd. 2008


2 responses to “Contact

  1. Dude cool to see your career as photographer is working out this well!! Man you’ve really got some very nice pictures here.

  2. Hey Tim – Australian Snowboarder Mag has just come out and there is a double page spread on Michaela – the lead full page photo is one of yours and there is also that excellent one of the pow-drop off the chairlift in Chiesa! Well done – they are the best photos in the mag – but I might be biased! Ellen.

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