Me, Myself and II’m a 27 year old year old English guy with a passion for all things action. I spend a large proportion of my year in mid winter chasing the snow across the globe. Snowboarding and travelling go hand in hand and i believe you can’t love one without the other. It really is a great relationship; racking up my Star Alliance airmiles in pursuit of months playing in the snow.

The great thing is, its all good. From the down days to the blue bird days, from sitting in waiting for the weather to lift to hiking in the backcountry, from playing in the park to climbing into the heli (which has unfortunately only happened once so far!)

I was bitten by the photography bug at an early age due to a Pentax K1000 which was given to me as a present at the age of 10. 17 years on i still use the Pentax for personal projects whereas for work the digital age has firmly taken hold. For a list of my current equipment check out my equipment page.

Building bridges is the most important thing in photography, each event i attend and every place that i travel i meet new people. My list of subjects is constantly growing resulting in my work being published across the world.

I’m always available to talk about any potential projects or commissions that you have in mind. All of my work you see on this blog and on my site is available for purchase so feel free to get in contact with any requirements.

All Material on this blog is ©Tim Lloyd. 2009


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  1. Great site. Yuki and I need a wedding photographer in Feb. You want a job?

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