New Blog

My current hosting company has just expired so i’ve taken the trip across to dreamhost who will look after my hosting needs from now on. They give me a lot more freedom than my previous host so the first thing i’ve done is to get my blog up-to-date. I’ll cease to use this blog as of today and all updates will come through to my new site. If you have had this blog delivered to your email or a rss reader (whats this?) then just visit the new site and subscribe again. It wont take you 2 minutes.

Picture 6

This latest blog has been designed by myself and i feel its good to go out live now. If you see anything you don’t like or have any suggestions for improvements then just let me know, i’d be happy to hear them. Hopefully it should be looking nice and slick very shortly. I’m currently designing a new website for this blog to compliment which i’ll let you know about as soon as its ready to drop.

Hope to see you over on the new blog

Cheers for following this one,



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