Turkish Grand Prix Race Day

As earlier anticipated, i missed Saturdays qualifying round to participate in a sailing race which drained me of most of my sanity and a good half bottle of aftersun. Lots of sun and virtually no wind made it a gruelling day on the ocean.

The heat was at epic levels again yesterday making it impossible to sit out in the sun for any real length of time which could be an answer to why the stands seemed so empty? the admission cost would surely of played a part too.

Seeking refuge

The race was dominated once again by British driver Jenson Button. He produced an awesome display of driving to win comfortably from Mark Webber in 2nd and Sebastian Vettel (both Red Bull drivers) in 3rd. Fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton was happy with his race despite finishing in 13th place.

Its one of those funny sports to follow live as i spent the duration of the race with little idea what was happening. You can’t hear anything, you can’t speak to anyone and you don’t really see much of the action…but you can pay $10 for a can of beer. At least it was cold.

Jenson Button reflects as he crosses the finish line

Red Bull driver Mark Webber drives past the empty stands…

…while a spectator has the pick of the seats.

Ferraris Felipe Masa takes to the pits

Jenson Button takes the top honours.

Jenson salutes his fans

Champagne Celebrations.

All images © Tim Lloyd, 2009.


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