Sailing around

The Bosphorus Cup is held every May in the Bosphorus Strait separating Europe from Asia and it couldn’t be a better setting. I’ve now been invited twice and is something i’d keep on accepting quite happily. It really is a roller coaster life onboard with never a dull moment. Tempers fray, shouting begins and my job is both simple and complex, stay the hell out of the way and produce great images. Staying the hell out of the way, whilst holding on as hard as you can and trying to shoot a few hundred frames makes interesting times for sure.

Here’s a couple of images from the races.

Queuing at the gas station

reigning in the Spinnaker

Boats race under the Bosphorus bridge as a helicopter films from above

Racing at close quarters

Working at full stretch

In full swing

Balancing act

Since the races i’ve been out again without my camera and i must say its the most amazing adrenaline rush attempting to get as much speed out of the boat as possible. I really think sailing is a great sport and its a pity that’s not so accessible to everyone as it’s something i’d really like to continue doing.


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