G20 Protests in London

The events of this week made it an inspiring one if not rather unusual for my life. It started on Sunday where i attended the polling for the Turkish local elections. The amount of flags that were strung up over the city made me expect big things but in reality polling just isn’t that interesting, 1 hour of waiting with nothing to show for it. As far as i’m aware the party which eventually won the election was covered in corruption with all sorts of tricks being pulled so they won.  Democracy in theory for the Turkish people but in reality it wasn’t that simple.

Within a day of being home i’d left again and headed southward to attend the G20 protests in London. I’d initially been enticed by the scenes of mini riots from April 1st and the thought of capturing this on film appealed greatly. Predictions were made on the amount of protesters compared with the Police, who had bigger numbers. Well they both appeared to be outnumbered by the amount of photographers and filmers who had descended on mass all with similar intentions the those of mine. How could the police handle the 10 fps of the hungry photographers?!

The day passed by with little incident and i’d been left reflecting on everyones reasons for participating and the reasoning behind the violence the day before. There was talk of the protest heating up but nothing came of it – probably for the best considering i’d overheard two policemen discussing which protesters they’d hit with a baton first should the opportunity arise…….

If you want to check out more images from the day itself just click on the below image.


One response to “G20 Protests in London

  1. Nice post, well-covered. It is always interesting to read about your country from a foreign perspective.

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