East Meets West

I’m picking up my computer after a couple of weeks more or less off the radar. I relish any time i can have away from the computer just giving me the opportunity to get out more, see new and interesting things and, in this instance, learn to play and become completely addicted to backgammon.

This last mission has been a cross continental affair. I jump at any chances i get to go snowboarding somewhere new and an invite to Turkey for some springtime powder was too good an opportunity to pass by. With no schedule, no work and no real plan to follow the trip was on. For those who are interested, the resort was called Kartalkaya. Its roughly 300kms from Istanbul with pretty mellow terrain. The resorts are all inclusive with Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight soup and all day long drinks included. Luckily they also have various additions for ways to try and burn all those calories including a kicker with an air bag for you to practice those elusive double corks, or in my case, a simple backflip.

The Spice Bazar, Istanbul

Inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Election fever as Istanbul went to the polls on Sunday.

“Dead Rat”

“The Chain Men” These guys work tirelessly throughout the night shovelling snow onto the road so that you have to rent chains from them in the morning. What great business vision they have.

“Turkish Pam”

Canon EOS 1D strapped as tight to my hand as possible

This is where i called home whilst in Istanbul, Fenerbahce Marina

The descent back into England

All images © Tim Lloyd, 2009.


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