On the road with Michaela

Its funny how situations pan out sometimes. You can put all sorts of effort into planning a trip but sometimes it just doesn’t work out as planned. Take this for example; i started this trip off as an invited photographer lucky enough to cruise around with a bunch of Australians throughout January. Here i am now and the “bunch” is down to 2 – Michaela and myself. “invited photographer” now fits along side a whole host titles!

So we rocked up to Chiesa Valmalenco the other day and straight away didn’t want to be here. It took us 7 hours in the end to get here, there was little sign of life around the area and no ski hill in sight. Oh how things can change. Once we’d finally made our way up the cable car to the resort our mood changed. What a sweet little place this is. We’re lucky enough to have been here whilst there’s still fresh snow kicking around. We had a wicked day riding in the sunshine, got a few shots done and Michaela managed to win the competition that was the reason we came here. Job well done.

Chilling with a beer at the end of the comp

Taking advantage of all the things to jump off – so many!

So we’re killing time in a cafe right now but will be taking a load of trains this evening so we’ll hopefully end up in Mayrhofen by tomorrow morning. Air and Style this week over in Innsbruck – it’s going to be a busy one.


One response to “On the road with Michaela

  1. Elolen Davis-Meehan

    Chilling with a beer!!!! Sweet jump off that little shed.

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