Times are changing

Wow, what a hectic few weeks. I’m enjoying my first proper day off since the beginning of the year. Even though its a beautiful blue sky outside sometimes your body just needs a rest. I spent the first two weeks of January over in Laax and enjoyed day after day of bluebird conditions. The Burton Open came and went with the standard of riding you’d expect from such a line up of riders. 

We lost two of the crew to injury whilst in Laax as Paul and Alicia had to fly back to Australia – I hope they make a speedy recovery. 

Paul and Alicia

The World Rookie Fest has been the latest stop over in Livigno. This is where the surprises came for me. I’ve never seen such a high standard of riding and everyone being under 18. Double front flips, double backflips 180, double cork 1080’s backside rodeo 720’s…..the list goes on. Without a doubt future snowboarding superstars are in the making here.

Stalle Sandback winning the Rookie mens

On a great note, Michaela won the rookie girl competition with a run consisting of Front 360, Nosegrab straight air, Back 360, Back 540. Definitely the run of the day and deserving of first place.


We’re off to Chiesa Valmalenco on Saturday for the weekend and will be heading over to Austria on Monday for some serious park time in Mayrhofen…….

One final note, congratulations to all the winners over in Laax last week. Here’s keving Pearce destroying the mens final taking 1st place.

Kevin Pearce


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