The Ketchup Smugglers

According to the TTR newsletter, “The Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam is going to kickstart the Northern Hemisphere winter”. They were obviously no way near Saas-Fee last week, still can’t quite get my head around that weather. have put up a funny video clip of the conditions. You should check it out. 

I’ve had the most bizarre journey over to Austria over the last few days. Armed with an over active imagination and Google maps has meant the very simple Point A to Point B journey added Point C and, in addition to that, Point D. For arguments sake we’ll call them Venice and Prague. A whole different story together.

Anyway, the point of this blog. You may or may not of heard of The Ketchup Smugglers. They’ve become somewhat popular amongst the UK snowboard industry during this last year as a result of a short video based upon “the worst snowboarders in the world”. I first met Paul Lappin, the genius behind the idea, over in Fernie at the beginning of the year. I’d like to say i helped in filming the second instalment but holder of the video camera would probably sound more apt.

Fast forward to New Zealand in July where we lived and rode together whilst making the third short film. Long story short, its just been released via the powerful medium of Youtube. If you’ve got 25 minutes spare i’d watch the first 2 films before watching the latest one. Alternatively, if you’re short on time or patience just click on this beautiful image from the ‘photo shoot’ which will take you to the new one. 

The Ketchup Smugglers

All jokes aside, i think its a pretty good portrait of a season in New Zealand……definitely of ours! If you like it please pass the link on, everyone who likes snowboarding should see this.



One response to “The Ketchup Smugglers

  1. Oh mate, it was an interesting season wasn’t it! Wind, rain, poor visibility, crashing cars, waking up to ice on the INSIDE of the windows… And then there was the chaos of Queenstown! Loved it. I had to cut so much wonderful footage from that film – maybe I’ll put together a compilation of “deleted scenes”…
    It was a pleasure filming with you Timmy Boy! ‘Till next time mate!
    The Rabbit.
    P.S. Can you put me on your blog email list please? I love it!

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