Saas Fee

Snow has fallen. Lots and lots and lots of snow. I got into Saas Fee on Tuesday afternoon for the latest round of the FIS Worldcup. Wednesdays practice was cancelled due to fresh snow but i had an unplanned powder shred with Kory Wright of the Bahamas, and his coach Dave Reynolds who i met for the first time whilst waiting for the gondola to open. On thursday, the mountain was closed completely as more and more snow fell into the resort. Woke up today to no new snow but horrible winds. The motivation was there to see on everyones faces. Here’s a lone rider making their way back to the salvation of the revolving restaurant. 

I’m tempted to stick around for a couple more days to see if it clears because when it does Saas Fee will be on! If not, i’m going to take a few days travelling over to Schladming for the Pleasurejam in a weeks time. Come on, lets see those blue skies! 


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