We love scaffolding

Who would of thought that a load of scaffolding assembled together in a run-down industrial estate south of the River Thames could be so much fun. Well, this weekend Londonfreeze rocked into town and we were greeted with some wicked snowboarding and skiing action.


Like most snowboard events that i’ve ever been to, the day of the FIS Worldcup was overcast and the light for photos pretty poor. I must say though i had some fun whilst on “crash cam” so to speak. Here’s a couple that caught my eye. I really hope that Marco Grilc is ok though as he looked in serious pain as he was taken off the landing area by paramedics.

I’m looking forward to venturing over to Europe this week for the next round of the halfpipe worldcup. I’m hoping for some blue skies and beautiful days but in the meantime lets keep it dirty in this scaffolding dream!


One response to “We love scaffolding

  1. Marko dislocated his hip.
    Hopefuly he’ll be fine.

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