FIS World Cup

Ok, i literally just got back from Cardrona where they were hosting the World Cup halfpipe event. It was an all out Japanese domination. They went huge! Kohhei Kudoh took the mens tiltle with one of the highest scores ever given in a worldcup event. just got the results emailed to me and head judge, Ste’en Webster, said Kudoh’s run was one of the best he had ever seen in his judging career. “Every hit in his winning run was sky high. As judges we hang out for years to see a run like that,”

Kohhei Kudoh’s winning run

It was pretty overcast today but i was assured that yesterday was an awesome day for the contest, “great for taking photos” i was told. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it because i had the chance to go heliboarding for the first time. Thoughts of going to the halfpipe event left my brain in milliseconds as i jumped in the car and went to the launch site. I only had a point and shoot camera with me but got the taste of what its like up there. Hopefully i’ll get a commission in the near future for a heli shoot……..its worth keeping your fingers crossed for!

Ummm, Heliboarding!


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