Billabong Snowstock



Just been up at Snowpark again for the latest contest of the season. It’s no surprise that the weather played its part making it a start, stop, start kind of format. Thursday started off beautifully but a savage wind meant that the big air was postponed as the riders struggled to get the speed to clear the knuckle. Sitting back and enjoying the free hot chocolate was the highlight of my day.

So Friday came around and over the previous night 15cms had fallen from the sky making the run-in so slow that loads of competitors couldn’t complete their jumps. There was, however, plenty of room for styly with late corked 1080’s from Sebastien Toutant, the overall winner at only 15 years old!

I didn’t stay around for the Quarter pipe but had a wicked time whilst i was there. Hopefully i’ll be out and about getting some out of contest shots as the next few weeks progress. New snow is coming down most days so when it clears up its going to be sweet.


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