New Zealand Open


I’ve just spent the last week up at snowpark for the Burton Open. The weather played its part as we had cloud, fog, freezing rain and pretty much all other types of bad weather. My camera decided to start failing me on the final day of competition which bumped the stress levels up but with the sun coming out on the last runs of the day, everything came together to get some wicked shots. 

Mikkel Bang dominated the slopestyle on Friday with his awesome run including a switch back 900 over the larger of the kickers. Kazuhiro kokubo, one of the Burton global team stepped up to take out the halfpipe final on Saturday but it was Daisuke Murakami who came out with the best trick with a frontside 1080 tailgrab. On the womens front it was all about one girl; jamie Anderson. She won the slopestyle on friday and the halfpipe on saturday – basically killed it. 

Apart from my camera worries on the last day, i had a great time shooting the contest overall. One of my photos made it into one of the New Zealand sunday papers which was a nice finish to the very long and tiring week.

Daisuke Murakami at NZ Open


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