On the road to New Zealand

Hey everyone. So i’ve decided against a summer as such this year and have headed over to New Zealand for their winter. I’m going to try and keep this blog up and running alongside the website to show you some of the events i’ve been to and people i’ve hooked up with along the way. It gives me a chance to showcase a few more shots, after all you’d rather look at a picture than read and read. I know i would.

On my way over here i stopped off in Tokyo and met up with a friend Makoto Tanaka, a great photographer whose work is mainly based on everyday life in and around Tokyo. i met him stupidly early to go and shoot Tsukiji fish market in full swing. That place is insane! Japan is a country i’ll never tire of. Whether its eating sushi at 5.30am or hiking through the powder in Hokkaido, its got it all. I cant wait to get back there for another winter.

I arrived in New Zealand a few weeks before the season as i had a date with the Queenstown Festival at the beginning of July. Included with the media pass was 10 days riding at Coronets Peak but i only hit it up a couple of times. What can i say? Basically an outdoor snowdome with its 200 odd snow cannons and green fields surrounding it. Very surreal. The festival was sweet though and i had an awesome time shooting The Checks. Great bunch of lads. Also really enjoyed Lucid 3 who were playing in a cool pavilion, very chilled evening.

I’ve been back in Wanaka since then and have been enjoying the slopes up at Cardrona, even more so now the school holidays are over. I headed over to the Electric Quarter Pipe Battle at Snowpark. That place is a dream. simple as that! Unfortunately the weather was all over the place that day – sunny, flat light, sunny, fog……and we left just as it was clearing up for the final. Shocking timing!

The Cardrona Games was on last week and they’d fashioned a nice size jump for it. It was the first time that it’s been organised for the evening so there were a few teething issues. The riders couldn’t see the landing, the media couldn’t see the riders and so on. My new flash unit which should have arrived that day didn’t so shooting was a nightmare. Stood out on a freezing jump unable to photograph the riders lead to an early trip home and, if i’d of had any in my house, a hot chocolate.

The travelling carnival which is The Burton Open begins in earnest next week and i’m hoping for a sweet one. Two friends birthdays coincide with Burton movie premiers and magazine parties. Its Cannes on snow. I’m hoping for bluebird conditions and mind blowing riding. Watch this space.


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